Autotask Endpoint Backup – Security Is Our Business

Data is meant to be shared–not lost or stolen. To effectively collaborate with colleagues, it’s essential to share data across multiple devices and multiple locations for review and editing.

Too often businesses place the responsibility for data security on their employees. As a result, their backup efforts may be incomplete, fractured or even worse, done on a consumer-grade file backup platform. The likely consequence is that complete data restoration after a device has been lost or a cyber-attack has happened may be virtually impossible. Your data is particularly vulnerable because data is being created by a wide array of devices and then accessed in locations that may or may not be secure.

Autotask Endpoint Backup allows your trusted IT Service Provider to manage and automate your data security for you. Endpoint Backup is a cloud-based file and folder backup service we can deploy, configure to your needs and manage centrally–no more individual backups necessary. We will meet with you to define your backup strategy and identify the devices, files and folders that need to be backup-up on all company systems. From there, we handle configuration, installation and continuous monitoring of the service, providing remote remediation as needed.

Endpoint Backup allows us to protect your data with features that include:

  • Power to backup entire root drives to ensure no matter where a folder may have been created, it won’t be lost due to a failed or misplaced device.
  • Centrally managed full configuration for consistent and reliable backup of all your devices.
  • Administrative manager control to alleviate employees security concerns and backup worries.
  • Multiple backup profiles allows for quick configuration and deployment of different backup settings relevant to a device.

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