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We recently added a new branch of Cyber Security & Defense products to the growing array of services offered by Unique Computing Solutions. Chances are you’ve landed on this page because you expressed interest in learning more about these new solutions for your organization and we’re here to help make that happen!

What Is This Form?

The form below is considered a SELF ASSESSMENT and can be used to help you recognize areas in which your company and its policies may be exceeding or struggling when it comes to Cyber Security, Defense, Data Backup, Business Continuity, Dark Web Analysis and more. If you find yourself answering “No…” or “I’m Not Sure” to a number of these questions, it may be time to consider talking with our Security Experts to see how we can work together to strengthen your defense systems.

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As an MSP and IT Support company, we recognize the critical nature of your information and will ensure it remains private and secure. The information you provide in this form will not be submitted or reviewed until you choose to hit the “Submit” button at the last page. If you wish to submit, we encourage you to then call or e-mail us with any further questions you may have. Our Security Experts are standing by ready to help assess, update, or build a top-notch security defense system that is unique to your needs.

Your Information

We will utilize this information to help assess, build, and/or update the best solution possible for your Cyber Security and Defense Systems

Backup & Business Continuity

Let's learn a bit more about your current Data Backup & Business Continuity Systems

Firewall/Anti-Virus/Malware Protection

Let's discuss your current Firewall and Anti-Virus Protection System a bit more...

Wireless Network System

What can you tell us about your Wireless System?

Company Policies and Security Training

Are your employees helping to keep your business and assets secure?

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Backup & Business Continuity

Do you have a backup solution that includes Business Continuity?

Do you have at least (3) three copies of your electronic data available?

Do you have a daily onsite and offsite backup procedure?

Are your mailboxes backed up? (GMail, Office 365, etc.)

Are your files backed up to a cloud location? (One Drive, Google Drive, etc.)

Are your files in the cloud also backed up?

Firewall/Anti-Virus/Malware Protection Information

Do you currently have a Firewall between your internet modem/router and your private network?

Does your current Firewall System have any of the following

Do you have a central location for all of your security logs?

Does your company currently have a managed Anti-Virus/Malware Solution in place on all active servers, workstations and tablets?

Do company emails go through a Spam and Virus Filter before entering your inbox?

Does your company utilize Managed DNS Services or Web Filters for on-premise and mobile devices?

Are all company electronic records protected by username and password?

Are your servers and workstations patched and up-to-date?

Does your company regularly perform internal and external Vulnerability Scans?

Does your company regularly perform Network and Security Assessments?

Is your company actively hunting for network threats?

Wireless Network System

Do you currently have a Wireless Network System in place at your location?

Are you utilizing both a Guest and Private network at your location?

Does your current system have Rogue Wireless Detection enabled?

Company Policies and Employee Security

Do your employees regularly participate in Cyber Security training?

Does your organization have a Password Policy that is enforced?

Does your facility have an acceptable use policy for company email addresses?

Have you heard of the Dark Web before?

Do you actively monitor the Dark Web for company email addresses?

Are employee mobile device hard drives encrypted at rest?

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