Custom IT Solutions for Civil Engineering Firms

Our Philosophy

Local governments rely upon the specialized capabilities of Civil Engineers and Surveyors to ensure their communities continue to prosper with each generation. From installing the first stop light to mapping out complex water systems and road improvements projects; your firm is called on to provide the expertise, knowledge and skills required to expedite growth while adhering to budget restrictions, deadline and regulations. Certainly no easy task. Especially if your technology is preventing you from seeing a clear path to completion.

That is why our approach is different than most standard cookie-cutter IT service providers. We steer clear of break/fix remedies and over-priced hardware, and instead believe in the idea that technology and infrastructure succeed through open communication and team work. By understanding your needs from day one, the products and services we utilize in your firm will have a larger impact on the efficiency of your employees, communication and network capabilities, all while keeping your cost down.

Speaking of products and services, let’s take a closer look…

Our Support

Technology is a key component to your business. Without the proper solutions in place it would become exponentially harder, not to mention more time consuming and costly, to try and build up a community.

Because Unique Computing Solutions already has a number of clients in the engineering and civil service environments, we understand the complex nature of what your systems require to perform at optimal speeds. With a dedicated team of experts on your side, backed by real industry knowledge, we can offload software, network, and security management from your task list and help you get back to bigger projects.

A few of our latest deployments include:

  • AutoCad Civil 3D
  • ReCap Pro
  • ArcGIS
  • Microstation
  • GeoPak
  • Sewer Cad
  • Pond Pack
  • Culvert Master
  • Flow Master

Unique Computing Solutions provides professional support when applicable to our clients who utilize the software and systems shown above. The logo marks, colors, products, services, trademarks and copyright information are the sole property of each entity listed. UCS does not claim ownership, partnership, or vested interest in these companies. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

  • Network and Standalone License Management
  • Office 365 Suite
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Business Continuity (BDR)
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Email Security
  • Firewall Deployment
  • Webroot Suite

Our Commitment

As your strategic partner, we will work with you to actively engage your roadblocks, extend the life of your tech investments and implement solutions that support your business while remaining conscious of budgets and time lines. It’s time to get back to your business and let Unique pave the way on your next project.

Design IT. Build IT. Maintain IT.

“Tony and his staff have always been responsive to our needs as we continually evolve in this ever-changing electronic environment. Their patience with us and their expertise have been invaluable, and also comforting in knowing that they have our best interest in mind with every visit or call.”

–  Paul Massucci | Highland Associates, Inc. | Highland, IN