Advanced IT Solutions for Educational Institutions

Our Philosophy

Education and technology have the power to transform the future of both students and faculty and as more campuses are beginning to infuse their classrooms with new systems, the benefits have become a source of great discussion. Gone are the days of heavy texts and dusty chalk boards, replaced with cutting-edge smart boards, lightweight tablets, and more that allow for endless possibilities and enhanced interaction among peers and staff.

At Unique Computing Solutions, part of our philosophy is to ensure that education flourishes through technology and enriches the lives of communities and campuses, our own included. We understand that technology can often be intimidating, seemingly overpriced, and advances at the speed of light. By working with our team of experts, the impact of these obstacles become minimized to a point where you and your staff feel comfortable, confident, and most of all empowered by your new ability to engage students in the classroom or even the playground.

Let’s take a closer look at how our solutions can infuse your workflow…

Our Support

Whether it’s your entire district, campus, or classroom, the integration process of fresh technology and infrastructure solutions will be simple and affordable. As a client, you’ll gain access to a specialized team of experts with real experience in the education field who understand the hybrid balance of support needed for both students and staff, and will recognize areas in which your district will benefit the most.

Our systems and solutions have a proven record of providing increases in employee performance, network stability, ease and security of communication and more. We believe each organization deserves a unique, dedicated approach and we’re confident our partnership will make a positive impact on your entire educational community.

We’ve deployed and integrated a wide array of solutions that cover all aspects of day-to-day operations. Some of our latest solutions include:

  • G Suite/Google Classroom Integration
  • TeacherEase Database
  • Quickbooks Suite
  • Office 365 Suite
  • TestNav Deployment

Unique Computing Solutions provides professional support when applicable to our clients who utilize the software and systems shown above. The logo marks, colors, products, services, trademarks and copyright information are the sole property of each entity listed. UCS does not claim ownership, partnership, or vested interest in these companies. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

  • Smart Boards
  • iPads/Tablets
  • Chrome Books
  • Microsoft Surface Devices
  • Campus-wide Wireless Access
  • Cyber Security
  • Webroot Suite
  • Firewall Deployment
  • Server & Network Support
  • Continuity & Recovery (BDR)
  • Data Backup

Our Commitment

As your strategic IT service partner, we will work with you to actively engage and upgrade outdated methods, extend the life of your tech investments and implement solutions that provide a platform for students and faculty to share in the joy of learning.

Design IT. Build IT. Maintain IT.

“Unique Computing’s highly-involved owner Tony and the entire UCS team have done an outstanding job of upgrading and improving our company’s network. It’s now an integrated IT network that works seamlessly with virtually no downtime over the past 3 years. The UCS Team is always very responsible. Their pricing is competitive, and their knowledge of technological requirements and trends is excellent. I’d highly recommend UCS to any company considering them as a partner.”

–  Rich Wojcikowski | M&R Graphics | University Park, IL