Human Error “Hurricane Humanity” – Natural Disaster Business Survival Series

People make mistakes. They will pull the wrong plug, click on the wrong link, open the wrong email attachment, or completely botch a major systems upgrade. They trip, spill and sync unapproved third-party apps to the network. They visit unsafe websites. They accidentally or maliciously delete business critical files. It’s only natural, we are humans.

Potential Impact

Human error can cause your business to lose a single important file, account, server or completely shut down your critical systems.

Risk Factors

The Uptime Institute estimates that 70% of data center problems are caused by human error. Unless your business is entirely staffed by robots with fully redundant fail-safe error controls, you’re at risk.

Warning Times

No one will ever walk into your office and announce that today is the day they will make the biggest mistake of their lives, so don’t expect any advance notice of human error (or any notice at all).

Technology Continuity

Have point-in-time backup that will let you quickly restore your data, application, and systems to the state they were in the moment before what happened happened.

People Continuity

The potential for injuries and fatalities resulting from human error events are higher in certain industries, such as mining, aviation, and construction, however the consequences of human error can be just as undesirable in more sedate industries. Make sure your employees are trained on what to do during various “disaster” scenarios, whether it be a malware attack or someone accidentally deleting a critical directory. Make sure employees understand the situations that are high probability for the industry.

Process Continuity

The show must go on. So make sure you have the IT fail-over you need to make sure that it does.

Insurance Considerations

It’s just about impossible to find an insurance carrier willing to write a policy that specifically covers oopsies. We’ve tried.

Mother Nature is no match sometimes for the simple human error we help prepare businesses for. Have a plan to get back to work as quickly and safely as possible. Start with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery systems from Unique Computing Solutions.

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