Terminated Employee Form

Please provide the first and last name of the person filling out this form.
Please provide the email address of the person filling out this form.
Please provide the employee's first and last name.
Please provide the primary location this employee works from.
Please provide us with the employee's current extension.
Do you need us to have the employee's extension forwarded to another extension?
Which extension would you like us to forward phone calls to? (If applicable)
Please let us know how you would like access to be terminated. For example if you would like to log into the employee's account with their credentials 'Change Password Only' would be appropriate. We recommend disabling the account and changing the password.
Please specify the password that you would like us to set (if applicable).
Please provide the end date for the employee.
Please let us know at exactly what time you would like us to disable access.
Please provide who we should give this OneDrive account access to (if applicable).
Please provide a forwarding email address (if applicable).
Who would you like us to give full mailbox access to (if applicable)?
Please state if the employee should be removed from distribution groups.
Please indicate whether this computer belongs to the user or if it is company property.
Please leave us a note here if there are any other requirements that were not mentioned above, or if you would like changes made to this form.